When an offender is arrested for Assault Family Violence, there is a 72-hour window in which they are legally prohibited from bonding out of jail. That time period is a crucial opportunity for victims of family violence to find hope and support. I will create a Rapid Response Team within our office comprising Victim Assistance Coordinators and Investigators who will strive to make personal contact with victims during this time to make sure they are aware of the services available through our office and other community resources in their time of need.

By building relationships with victims as soon as possible, we will be able to take a stronger stance against family violence and bring offenders to trial much faster, allowing families to heal and victims to receive the justice they deserve.

training for law enforcement

In my career, I have been fortunate to find a passion in working with local law enforcement and providing them with the best support in their daily fight to keep us safe. For years I have personally provided training for our officers, deputies, troopers, and others to make sure that the lessons we learn in the courtroom help them make the best cases on the streets. I will expand that training to include our team of experienced prosecutors with offerings from informal shift briefing updates to full in-service training for both veteran officers and academy cadets.

Efficiency and effectiveness

Having served in every facet of the County Attorney's Office for years, I know where we can best make changes to the workflow and procedures to increase our efficiency. While these changes may not seem like much to an outsider, they stand to create significant improvements. Such changes include

  •  Transitioning all cases to "direct assignment" to prosecutors instead of waiting until a case is scheduled for jury trial to assign it to an individual prosecutor, allowing our team to be more pro-active in case preparation and simplifying communication with defense counsel
  • Creating a "probation liaison" prosecutor position to oversee the intake, process, and disposition of matters of bond and probation revocations, easing the burden on the trial prosecutors in each of the County Courts at Law
  • Placing greater discretion and authority in the hands of the front-line trial prosecutors regarding the just disposition of a case rather than the current structure with heavy emphasis on needing pre-approval from a supervisor

transparency and communication

We need to engage with our community and ensure that we provide enough information for the citizens of Brazos County to know what their County Attorney's Office does to serve them. I will open the flow of communication with more regular communication with local media, publishing yearly statistics regarding the intake and disposition of cases, and utilizing social media to communicate our services, goals, and contributions to the community.